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I can not think of one specific unit that I would like to give a total overhaul to- but there are things that I would like to change about every unit.  I feel that each year I am always looking for new activities to change things up and add more activities or better quality activities.  


These are some of the general things that I would like to work on this year: 


expectations-I admit that I am guilty of settling for less that what I originally wanted.  Reading about it really hit home- I start out strong in the beginning of the year and can really see myself wavering as the year goes on and then I get frustrated.  


environment- I love the idea that Hope and Wade change up their entire theme in their classroom.  I don't know if I am ready for that big of a step to continually change it, but I am moving to a new facility and building this coming year and would like to set it up more like an actual veterinary clinic (I teach vet science).  I am hoping with things that I have asked for as it is renovated that I will better be able to do this.  


energy- I am NOT a morning person...I can't see myself singing to 11th and 12th graders, or them being willing to do that...I am brainstorming ways to start out class each day to get the kids (and myself) motivated!!


empowerment- I think that out of these four things, this is probably my strongest.  I have a lot of independent/group projects that really allow the students to take ownership for their learning and for themselves.  It is something that I work towards over the course of two years and by the end of year 2- the students always surprise me!  I tend to see it the most in the studying for their final exam.  I have also started a student of the month where the kids nominate one of their classmates.  I like the idea about changing this up to recognize everyone, because not every students is going to be recognized throughout the year.  I also send notes HOME when students have done something above and beyond- and above and beyond is different for every students- sometimes it is coming to class for 5 days in a row.