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NAAE Virtual Book Club

2 Posts authored by: Tiffany Hoy

After two weeks of training and eight days of fair, I'm beginning to get back into a routine again and completing my Virtual Book club.  I started to fill in my plate and decided I am a crazy Ag Teacher, but I want this life style and I have a great husband and kids who walk it with me each day.  I must say I reflect many times on how I can utilize something the students love to do with making my teaching life easier.  I think laying out two plates has helped me see a few things I can try this year.  #naaereads



  • Only Ag Teacher
  • AET Online only class doing records
  • Integration of FFA, SAE, and Classroom/Laboratory Learning
  • Appoint animal handlers
  • Collaborate and discus science labs and math lessons with other teachers
  • Engaged English and Economics teachers into speech writing and science fair projects
  • Open door policy – door is always open and teachers are more than welcome to come into to use equipment
  • Welcome students each day at the gym.
  • Attend athletic events.
  • Chaperon snowball dance.
  • Welcome students to visit classroom animals
  • Post highlights of school activities and congratulate students in the hallway
  • Collaborate with other teachers on lessons
  • Landscape inside and outside of school
  • Shared field trips and speakers.


I looked at what I do and realized I really am a school based teacher, but I think as an agricultural educator we have to be school based.  What makes us a classroom teacher (three components of Ag Ed), leads us to being a school based teacher.  “Learning to Do” is what our students do within our classroom, “Doing to Learn” is taking what they have learned an applying both within the classroom, but also the school and community.  “Earning to Live” is once again tide to our classroom through record keeping and awards, but is also part of the school and community.  And finally “Living to Serve” is what we hope all people will do because this units all. 

I could always be more involved in the school, but I then question, how I give my family their much needed time. As my children grow, I begin to be pulled in other directions, such as dance, 4-H, etc.  This is a benefit too because I am connecting with younger students, home schoolers, and even other community families.  If anyone has a suggestion on how to get a none-Ag Teacher to serve as an FFA advisor, please share.  As we work with a skeleton staff, I’m to the point I need to bring another advisor on, but I’m not sure how to approach another teacher who is very supportive of the program and chapter. 

Part Two:

Refer back to Dr. Pysyk (page 74) who went out of his way every morning to greet students as they came into the building. After a while other staff members stood outside their classroom doors to greet students as well. Since school is not in session right now, this may be more difficult to implement. However, consider something that you can do to disrupt your routine for the better. How can you connect with students that you may not be doing already? Or what do you currently do to make sure that you connect with your students and set the tone for your classroom/school?

This past year I was assigned hallway duty outside of the gym and cafeteria each morning as students entered.  Most teachers told me they felt sorry for me, but I loved it!  I got to meet so many students and was introduced to students by other students. What really got my attention was how many students knew who I was, but I had never had them in class.  This made me realize they do take notice and the word it out about the crazy ag teacher.