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NAAE Virtual Book Club

1 Post authored by: Laura Rice

Part I: Ask & Analyze


I have been in the Agricultural Education profession for almost 10 years and am still working to master teaching techniques. As learners change, educators must strive to constantly adapt lessons and teaching strategies to meet the learners' needs. I am constantly striving to work lessons that are effective and equip learners with the necessary information. I'll continue to develop as a learner and teacher. I carry several small notebooks with me ( in my bag, in my car, in my computer bag) so that if I have an idea I capture it and have it to return to when I'm planning and developing lessons. However, there are times where I am without one of my notebooks or a pen, if this happens, I will use my cell phone using the Evernote App to capture the idea that will then sync with my computer OR I'll just call and leave myself a message on my office phone.