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Part One:

Reflect on your classroom vs. school teacher mannerisms. Do you think you lean more one way than the other? What do you do to embody a "school teacher" approach? Is there anything that you feel you can do better?


I believe that I learn way more when I get to take something that is taught or said and then engaging in that activity.  For example, at conferences I love the workshops that we get to take a lesson that is being brought before us then we get to try that lesson or activity ourselves!  We get to see the faults that may be in our classrooms or how we might have to change things due to constraints of space or time.  I feel that I embody a "school teacher" approach by spreading the word of what I am doing in my classroom when we have PLCs or even when I am doing something that is working sharing that in a mass email.  For example, I have sent an email to my administration and co-staff about this book because I believe that the ideas and concepts in this book is exactly what we have been looking for to make our school that much better and to get our students engaged.  We live in a community where many students don't go to a University or even any post-secondary education, maybe engaging them to see that learning can be exciting and that we are doing things to help them in the future will get them more involved with their learning in high school.  I believe something I could do better is just sitting and talking with other teachers, even at lunch.  My classroom is on the opposite side of everyone else's, so I don't get that face-to-face conversation with teachers other than the PLCs or emails.  


Part Two:

Refer back to Dr. Pysyk (page 74) who went out of his way every morning to greet students as they came into the building. After a while other staff members stood outside their classroom doors to greet students as well. Since school is not in session right now, this may be more difficult to implement. However, consider something that you can do to disrupt your routine for the better. How can you connect with students that you may not be doing already? Or what do you currently do to make sure that you connect with your students and set the tone for your classroom/school?


I am always looking for ways to better myself and my classroom/school however, the one thing that I have been complimented on and believe I do very well is getting to know the students and know that they are able to come talk to me at anytime is being involved.  I coach, ref volleyball, take tickets at games, help with other extra-curriculars and attend as many community events as possible so students see that I am a normal human being that has the same interests as them.  This summer I got invited to many graduation parties and have made it to almost all of them, I believe I have made an impact on the younger students that are there because they have seen me there and realize that I do care for the students even when they are done with high school.  So if I care that much about them even after, I must care about them during High Schools right?  I also have an open door policy, I have had plenty of preps interrupted by students that have come in and asked for advice or just wanted to chill in my room.  This may make my prepping a little behind or I might have to stay at school a little longer than I wanted but I would rather have that than a student that doesn't feel like they have a voice or that I am there to just teach them curriculum.  I could do a better job at going out into the school during the day, as I said in the previous part I am secluded from the main hallways so standing outside my door doesn't get to many interaction with other students beside my own but I hope to make trips to the other side of school this year so students begin to know who I am.