Sarah Warren

Finding the Black Pearl

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Aug 19, 2020

Pirates, this is our final adventure for the summer! Thanks for sailing with us!



 Finding the Black Pearl


So far, you have created goals, learned what it means to be a pirate, and have your crew in place. After navigating the high seas last week, it’s time to find your final treasure: the elusive black pearl. The black pearl is rare, and highly sought after. It is something we can strive for as agricultural educators, to be those rare black pearls in a treasure chest full of gems.


Throughout this course we have talked about our goals, and what we want to accomplish with lessons or units during the school year, but what is one word or phrase that you want students/faculty/administrators to use to describe your classroom this year? Five years from now?


Furthermore, what is your lasting impact that you want to leave on your school and community when you retire? Do you want to be known as Black Bart, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Captain Morgan or Captain (Insert Your Name Here)?


Respond with your reflections in the comments below.


Remember to maintain the pirate’s life- don’t spend all your treasure in one place, or at one time. Also keep in mind that your treasure chest is not full. There are always more gems and rare coins to find; more tools to use for your classroom.