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Navigating the High Seas

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Aug 17, 2020

Adventure #9...I can see the treasure chest off on the horizon! We're so close!

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Navigating the High Seas

“...Because our culture lives by the philosophy that you either win it all or you are a failure, the team was trashed. Don’t buy into this B.S.! (It reminds me of when the Bills lost four Super Bowls in four years and were labeled by many as embarrassments and failures. Hello! To lose four consecutive Super Bowls, you have to go to four consecutive Super Bowls, which is an unbelievable accomplishment.)”

-Dave Burgess, page 155


You have the tools. We have talked about lessons, units, hooks and goals. You have decided who your crew is to man your ship. Now you have left the port. Now what? How do you keep the fears at bay to not turn around and head back to your previous teaching styles? What could potentially hold you back?  What is your Kraken? Who is your Moby Dick?


Dave mentions the five most common reasons people turn back, or don’t even start:

1. The fear of failure

2. Believing you have to figure it all out before you begin

3. Perfectionism

4. Lack of focus

5. Fear of criticism or ridicule


He also goes on to say, “[that] the best way to overcome fear is to take action. The more action you take and the quicker you take it, the better.” Part of a pirate’s plan to get to the treasure is to be prepared for the potential obstacles along the way.



Respond in a comment below:

1. What (or who) is your Kraken?

2. How will you defeat your Kraken?