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The Master of Hooks

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Adventure #7

For completing this assignment, you will earn a Diamond!



The Master of Hooks


The majority of Part II is dedicated to presentational hooks - how to think of them, and examples that Dave has used in his classroom. There are thirty-two different kinds of hooks in Teach Like a Pirate! If you can take a lesson plan and think of a hook for all 32 examples, you are an Extra Ultimate, Supreme Master of Hooks. However, just to think of two or three hooks per lesson plan gives you variety and is more than enough to be a Master of Hooks. It is the ability to go beyond the box. Step outside of it and walk away from the box. Be bold, and don’t be afraid to not choose the obvious answer as a hook.


Using the lesson that you worked on last week in How to be Captain Hook, please write a more detailed summary of your lesson using the guiding questions in the assignment attached below. Then try to come up with ONE hook for each of the seven areas of hooks:

1. “I Like to Move It, Move It” 

2. Long Live the Arts 

3. What’s in it for Me? 

4. All the World is a Stage 

5. Stand and Deliver 

6. Advanced Tactics 

7. Around the Edges


For example, from the Advanced Tactics area, my hook may be The Techno Whiz Hook, and so on and so forth. If you would like to do more than seven, excellent! Keep in mind to not go with the obvious hook if possible.


Please try to be as detailed as possible, as we would like to compile everyone’s responses in a booklet PDF for shared ideas. Please be sure to double check your spelling and grammar as well. If you would not like your lesson/hooks included in the book, there is a place to mark that. The PDF will be posted to Communities of Practice in the Virtual Book Club. It will not be advertised, nor posted elsewhere.

Please add all documents to the "2020 Teach Like a Pirate" folder. (Uploading and Categorizing Files.docx) Please title your document "The Master of Hooks_[First Name Last Name]"