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How to be Captain Hook

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Aug 5, 2020

Adventure #6

For completing this assignment, you will earn a Peridot gem!




How to be Captain Hook

“‘Dang it! I wasn’t going to learn today. He tricked me. That man is sneaky!’ I live for that moment." -Dave Burgess, page 82


In the first chapter of Part II, Dave refers to a three circle teaching model. As agricultural educators, we are familiar with this in terms of the Instruction, SAE and FFA model.



However, the Instruction circle can be broken down further into another three circle model: Content, Technique/Method, and Presentation. Dave argues that largely, professional development seminars and training materials are missing the Presentation component of the model. There is a lot of emphasis on content and the technique/methods that are being used to be taught. Where is the fun? The creativity?


For this adventure...
1. Pick one of your lessons - a favorite, or one that you want to further develop.

2. Using the attached Venn Diagram worksheet, fill in where components of your lesson currently fit in. Use a black font for this. You can also create your own diagram!

3. Then, creating more text boxes, and using a blue or different color font, think of ideas of how to balance out all three areas. How do you create more Umph! to your presentation, while maintaining content? Your presentation doesn’t always have to be over the top, but it can still be entertaining enough to engage the audience. Feel free to adjust the size of your circles and edit as you see fit to show us your vision.


4. Post the Venn Diagram in the "2020 Teach Like a Pirate" folder. (See Uploading and Categorizing Files.docx).


5. Once you have posted your diagram, come back to this post and add a comment linking to your document. Post a brief description of the lesson in the comment as well. To add your document link to the comment, simply type the "@" symbol, and begin typing the name of your document. It should pop up. Click on the document from the pop up list to tag it in your comment.


PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS: There are several ways to go about this assignment, even if you are not in the classroom yet. If you are student teaching this year, think of a lesson that you will be teaching and work with that. Another option is to take a lesson plan that you have created in one of your college courses and refer to the feedback you received from your instructor. If you have not created a lesson plan yet, think of a lesson/topic that you want to teach to students, or refer to your favorite lesson that one of your teachers taught in high school.