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The Commitment to Being ON

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Aug 3, 2020

Can you believe it is already time for adventure #5? Neither can we.

For completing this assignment, you will earn a Turquoise Stone!


The Commitment to Being “On”-Board

“I refuse to cheat a student by delivering a subpar performance just because he has me later in the day, or early in the day when I’m not quite awake. Although no mother stands in the back of the room with a checkbook, in a very real sense, I know forty mothers and a whole community are counting on me.” -Dave Burgess


Now that we have explored what it means to be a PIRATE, it is time to commit to being on-board the ship. Each pirate and crew member has different passions and motivations to why they lead the lifestyle they do, but the one thing they all have in common is that they chose to get on the same ship. This course is designed to be about an individual journey because each of you is at a different point in your careers, your communities and school districts require different things, and in general, no two people are the same. However, we are committing to getting on the same ship because we want to develop professionally towards the same goal - to be better teachers.


We are committing to being onboard the same ship to be PIRATEs. In Teach Like a Pirate, PIRATEs is a mnemonic.

  Passion      Immersion        Rapport       Ask and Analyze     Transformation      Enthusiasm


1. Our crew has explored all six words together, but individually, what do the six words mean to you?

2. Would you keep all the letters as the same words above, or would you change any? Why would you change or keep the letters of the mnemonic PIRATE? 


3. Create your own pirate-themed mnemonic for your classroom. What are some words that resonate with you and your teaching philosophy? If you can't think of any words for PIRATE, try some of these: SHIP, CREW, AHOY, TREASURE, JEWEL, OCEAN, SAIL, etc. Get creative!
(And if you need some word inspiration, here's a link to

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