Sarah Warren

Pirate 101

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Jul 15, 2020

Ahoy, Pirates!

Welcome to the NAAE Virtual Book Club. Your first adventure is below. For completing this assignment, you will earn your Sapphire Jewel Badge!


Pirate 101

Before we set sail on the open seas, we must get to know who our shipmates are. Just as Dave Burgess spends the First Three Days of School creating a safe, fun environment, we want to do the same. This week, we will be focusing on the first day of school, and introducing ourselves.


Play-Doh Introduction Activity

Using Play-Doh, create something that represents YOU. Use your imagination! What best describes you in the classroom, out of the classroom, or both?



If you don't have any playdoh handy, there are several DIY recipes online! Here is a good video to walk you through that process: How to Make Playdoh


Once you have fashioned your masterpiece, please share it with everyone! Take a picture and explain your creation in the caption, OR take a video of yourself introducing it. Post your introduction to this Communities of Practice group, in the 2020 Teach Like a Pirate Folder. If you need some help, see this example: Uploading and Categorizing Files.docx


NAAE Staff and Interns have provided examples for you: NAAE Staff Playdoh Introductions.docx. We look forward to getting to know each of you!