Sarah Warren

Final Cartographer's Notebook: Relief vs. Belief

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Jun 15, 2020

Welcome to the final week of our book club on Tim Elmore's Marching Off the Map! We will have our Map Maker on Wednesday and an Expedition Chat Friday before we will finally set this book aside...for now.  


Take some time today to truly reflect on where you were when you started this book club. We have all spent a lot of time reacting to our situations, and probably not a lot of time processing what we've experienced. Give yourself a high five on behalf of all of your fellow explorers - you traversed a territory that has never been mapped before, and you are standing here on the other side of it! Go you! 


It's been exactly two months today since we set out off the edges of our familiar maps on April 15th. Can you believe that? Two months ago, our country was slowly but surely shutting down, and the end of the 2019-2020 school year was still a daunting mystery. I remember very clearly calling my mom and telling her she should try to get two weeks worth of groceries in case it became risky for her to go out - surely we would be back to normal within two weeks, she would be fine if we could just make it that long! Two weeks seemed like an incredible amount of time to be away from our daily here we are. I'm sure you all have similar stories as well. Today, we are hesitantly creeping back to our "new normal," and you are probably taking a quick breath before jumping right back into planning for an undetermined fall. I hope you can see that no matter how daunting the future can be, one day your current future will be nothing but a memory in the past, and you will have realized all at once that you somehow made it through the unknown. 


Elmore's "most important final word" instructs us to lead out of belief, not relief. What does this mean to you? 

1) In your experience, what are some of the differences between teachers who communicate out of relief rather than those who communicate out of belief? 
2) Where do you find yourself operating most often: relief, or belief? How does this impact your students?

3) Can you think of a time when someone communicated belief in you? How did this impact you?
4) Review "Taking the Path of Relief" on p. 223. Which of these actions would you like to work on in your classroom  this fall?