Sarah Warren

Cartographer's Notebook: Leaving a Legacy

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on Jun 8, 2020

"The process of design and preparation is just like a lesson plan. You can't move forward if you haven't decided how it will be done. To envision the future is to see where you need to be in one or even five years. But to plan for it, is to know what you have to accomplish tomorrow, and the next day, and the next." - Andrew McPeak, p. 163


If Chapter 9 could be summarized in one word, that word would be "legacy." McPeak tells us stories of "Map Makers" just like you all who have acknowledged a problem, analyzed the problem, and created a new map to solving the problem that has enhanced the lives of others in innovative ways. He tells us that there are 4 characteristics of a Map Maker: 
- Purpose and Aspiration
- Vision and Innovation
- Design and Preparation
- Courage and Dedication


Andrew McPeak also gives us 3 lessons to be learned from the stories of innovation he tells:
1. You won't tread new territory overnight
2. Innovation comes in small packages, yet leave a big impact

3. The greatest map makers are the ones who are focused on the needs of others


As we near the last week of this book club, perhaps it is time to hone in on where you will go from here with this new information. Hopefully you have not only been encouraged to march more confidently into the unknown next step of your career, but you will also take away some strategies and inspiration to guide you along that path. As you begin to chart out your new course, perhaps you can begin with the end in mind once more....


Imagine you are retiring tomorrow (I know, it's an exciting thought! I can hear the resounding "I wish" through this computer screen). What will they say about you tomorrow at your retirement party? What LEGACY are you working toward right now?


If you're struggling to find your answer, consider the following guiding questions from chapter 9:
- What moment in your life would you point to as the genesis of the purpose and aspiration of your work?
- What was your vision when you started your work as an educator?

- How will you turn your greatest visions of the future into practical day-in and day-out plans?