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Map Maker #5: Plumb Lines

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on May 20, 2020

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Now, on to this week's adventure...


I loved Elmore's retelling of the Home Plate speech by John Scolinos on page 114. Elmore uses great examples throughout the book of the model we try to portray for our students. We swing back into the past for the timeless virtues and values that we want our students to learn and use. As we swing into the future, we must make sure we aren't changing the size of home plate as we work to adapt, but not adopt, Gen Z's world. Elmore also outlines 8 essential life skills on pages 109 - 114 and questions how we are teaching these timeless skills in our classrooms. So, for our first activity today, let us fill out another report card! 


1) Think about your curriculum as a whole. On a scale of 1 - 10, how much emphasis do you consciously try to put on each of these essential life skills when you are designing lessons? (1 = I don't even think about it, 10 = I incorporate this in every lesson I teach)

Problem-solving skills 
Critical thinking skills
Emotional Intelligence
Ethics and Values

Resourcefulness and Resilience

Creative Processing
Analytic Writing



2) Pick the skill you ranked as your HIGHEST when designing your curriculum. If you are tied, pick the one you feel you could most strongly represent in a lesson to highlight. Post a lesson plan in the Chapter 6 folder that you feel does an excellent job teaching this skill, either directly or indirectly. Be sure to put the particular skill you are emphasizing in the document's title to make it easier to sort (I.e. Leadership - Greenhouse Management lesson). Bonus points if you come back here and post a comment linking to your document in the folder!

* For a reminder on how to categorize your document into a folder, see Uploading and Categorizing Files.docx
Adding a comment link to your document: Once you have uploaded your lesson, come back to this post. Click the "Add Comment" button as usual. In the text box, type the "@" symbol. A variety of people, places and content will show up. Start typing the name of your document and it should show up. Simply click on it to add it as a link in the comment. 


3) Check back often as your fellow explorers post their lessons. Humans are strongest when they work together, because one person's weakness is often someone else's strength. So, be on the lookout for someone posting a lesson that specifically teaches a skill you are less comfortable with, or struggle to incorporate into your curriculum. Or, if you would like to gain some ideas from the group on ways you could teach these skills, post a question below! As always, be sure to like and comment on your peers' work. Everyone loves feedback!



As you complete this assignment, I hope you are mentally processing what life skills you value most in a citizen of your community. As you continue to create and assess your curriculum, I hope you will hold a "plumb line" up next to each lesson you teach, as a measurement of the standard you want your students to achieve.