Sarah Warren

Cartographer's Notebook #4: Sail or Surrender?

Blog Post created by Sarah Warren on May 11, 2020

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, while others build windmills." - Chinese Proverb, p. 79


I am having a hard time deciding which chapter is my favorite in Marching Off the Map, but I think chapter 5 is certainly high up there on the list (though this week's reading, chapter 6, is pretty highly ranked too). This chapter is a call to action, and a time for us to make a decision: will we sail into this new world, or will we surrender to the frustration of it all?


I love that metaphor Tim Elmore used to open chapter 5, don't you? This week marks the halfway point for this book club. We set out on our journey 5 weeks ago, and in 5 more weeks the journey will conclude. Reflect back on how much you have learned since April 15th. Are you surprised? Has your mindset or worldview shifted, even slightly? Imagine, then, the potential for growth in the next 5 weeks. The winds of change are certainly going to continue to blow, so we have to decide how we are going to handle that wind. We can either let it knock us off course, or harness its power and use it to our advantage. Let this be a reminder that you have made it this far - in your career, in this time of uncertainty and pandemic, taking it day by day and minute by minute in your daily tasks. You're halfway there and you probably haven't even stopped to think about how many miles you have covered on your journey! So don't give up now. When faced with the inevitable changes in the younger generations and in our world, we are presented with three choices: 

- Yell at the wind
- Surrender to the wind
- Adjust the sails.


Discussion Questions:

1) Which of these 3 responses do you naturally lean towards, and why? 
2) Think about your day-to-day job. What are some areas you can "adapt" but not "adopt?" (see p. 84)
3) Refocus: reflect on the "Bit Market" story referenced on page 93-95. What is the hole you are trying to drill? (i.e. What is your ultimate goal as an ag teacher?)


And if you're in need of a little inspiration, here are two songs I find fit our sailing metaphor well! Do you have any other inspirational songs on your mind? Share them in the comments!

How Far I'll Go - Disney's Moana

The River - Garth Brooks