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First Day of School Stations

Blog Post created by Kristin Witte on Aug 26, 2019

First Day of School Stations


I came up with this idea after reading through some ideas in the reflection and seeing a discussion/thread on Twitter. I know students get tired of the first day of school sit listen and go through the syllabus. So I tried to make it more interactive. I also tried to make the papers fun by adding a bitmoji.


The tracker will be handed in for the first grade in the grade book so students start out on a good foot.


Station One- Syllabus students get to read through it and take an open syllabus quiz.


Station Two- First Day worksheet, students get to think about what they did this summer, what they like in a teacher, class etc.


Station Three- Classroom supplies, all year students ask where basic supplies are, colored pencils, markers, scissors, paper cutter, rubber cement etc. They had to find the materials and use them to make a leaf that will be part of our classroom tree in the hallway.


Station 4- Tech sign up students need to sign up for Google Classroom, option follow the chapter on Facebook/Instagram (winner will be drawn for a prize from all students who follow/like)


Station 5- Community agreement students can add what other rules/things they want to see with the classroom community.