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Blog Post created by Samantha Srp on Jul 5, 2018

This assignment is difficult for me as throughout my 11 years of teaching I have tweaked and changed and learned and added.  I’m also a big supporter of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, so I have incorporated various activities that way.  While there is no single lesson I’m looking to change, there ARE 2 things I am working to incorporate.  The first I’ve been slowly building through having each activity as something an entire class did so I can see if it is a liked activitiy and should be included.  The second I know absolutely nothing about and am just trying to build off Pinterest posts.


1.  Student Choice Tic-tac-toe Board

This is a grid of 9 blocks.  Instead of me having 3 written exams and a written six weeks exam, students will choose 3 activities from the grid and tailor it to whatever content they choose from the six weeks.  Activities include things like making posters, creating and performing a song or skit, giving a speech, creating a game, etc etc.  The 3 activities they pick have to touch like in tic-tac-toe. Rubrics are used for grading each assignment which will count as a test grade.  The 3 items averaged together make the six weeks exam grade. They are given this at the beginning of the year, know the expectations and have the freedom to turn in when they want BUT the deadline is the Friday of the 5th week of the six weeks.  That way there is time to call parents if needed, 


2. Escape Room Activity

Ive never been (and don’t want to go)to an Escape Room.  These are popping up everywhere and the kids are REALLY into them.  They are even all over the education portion of Pinterest.  I’m guessing my Scavenger Hunt could be modified to this, but I just don’t know anything about their design and flow.