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The Game of Life

Blog Post created by Katie Wood on Jun 12, 2018

Coincidentally, my favorite board game growing up was The Game of Life. I loved the different career paths you could choose, and I always hoped to draw the Farmhouse from “Euell B. Milken Realty.” I also always hoped to retire in Millionaire Estates (isn’t that the dream?).


After reading the first few pages of Chapter One, we see a description of Wade and Hope’s childhoods and how they are very different. The essay that they refer to about life actually not being like Monopoly can make you take pause. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all started in the same space at the same level, and be assured that extra $200 as we pass GO? Yes, but that is not reality for our students or for us.


However, in this book club space, we are all starting at the same place. We are starting at page one together. But, before we delve in, let’s meet our players!


If you could design your own game piece or player from any game (digital/board/certain card character) to represent you, which would it be? What game is it from? Why that specific one? Or, do you have a character that is all your own (plot twist!)?


Please share a picture of the piece and a short explanation, or link a video as a comment to this post.


Katie's Game piece:

Katie Gamepiece Intro - YouTube