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The Finish Line?

Posted by Katie Wood Jul 28, 2017

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

                              -Lao Tzu

After a wonderful summer together, our journey is coming to an end. But is it the finish line?

Where is the finish line? How will we know when our journey is complete? This is different for everyone.


In order to stay the "know-go-show-grow" course, we've created our mission, our vision and our "game plan"/goals. As the authors mention on page 203, "Excellence, in any area, is a habit- a way of living." How do you plan on living your goals? What is something tangible to remind you of your goals/mission/vision?


Some of you created beautiful art/posters that you had mentioned hanging your classroom. Is that your reminder, or is there something/one else? Or is it a new creation entirely that encompasses your mission/vision/goals in one poster or art piece?


Please share what your reminder of your goals will be attached to this blog, or upload it as a new document. If your mission and vision statements are already posted in your classroom, we'd love to see a picture of them! There aren't really "terms and conditions" on this assignment because it is personal to what will work best for you; what inspires you.


Thank you all for being a fantastic and flexible group. The conversations are always a pleasure to read, and the assignment responses are personalized. Such a joy!


Housekeeping: There is no discussion for this chapter. Just this final assignment. I have adjusted this on the assignment tracker and the schedule. The new assignment tracker will be posted by the end of the day.

One Day at a Time

Posted by Katie Wood Jul 18, 2017

As we're nearing the end of our readings together, we need to look at the big picture. How are we going to put our mission and vision into action? And more importantly, how does that fit into our personal and professional goals? This can be a huge task. But as the saying goes, what's the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do we integrate our mission and vision into our classroom and our professional goals? One day at a time. It's a journey that takes more than a day, a week or even a year to get use to.


While the reading may have attributed "The Breakfast of Champions" to the feedback process, it can also be attributed to our goals. The breakfast of champions is usually a healthy balance of protein and carbs. Some days might have veggies, others fruit, and when we're feeling really decadent, chocolatey/sugary goodness! This correlates to our goals. It is important to have a balance of personal goals and professional goals. In addition to those goals, our veggies might be exercising/wellness goals, fruit may be financial goals, and those decadent goals are those lofty goals of traveling to an exotic place, winning the lottery, getting something special we've always wanted.


Today we are going to focus on those personal and professional goals. Marcie Faust shares three simple steps:

1. Start small.

2. Try something new.

3. Learn from your students.

(Faust, pg 175)


These goals are specific to you. If you already know what your five year goals are, by all means, plan away, but if your goals are new, it may be good to start small, with a year long goal. Please use the attached template to fill your plate with your goals. Then answer the follow up questions to make a short term action plan to put your goals in action. How are you going to implement your mission and vision into your goals?


Please upload your plate worksheet as a document to the Book Club. You can respond using a plate infographic, but I do recommend using the worksheet to answer the remaining questions.

The Hours We Keep

Posted by Katie Wood Jul 7, 2017

Well, I do apologize for severely messing up the dates of assignments. This holiday week has me all out of sorts. You will notice that I have shifted the assignment schedule. Go Each Day is being posted today, and will be due in two weeks. Grow Each Day will be posted next Friday (14th) and will be due in two weeks, and so on. You will also notice that I posted the final deadline for all assignments and discussions as August 10th. My goal is to process professional development hour certificates by the 15th.


Alright, now that housekeeping is over, let's move on to The Hours We Keep!


"Go the Way" focused on leading by example, or "practicing what you preach." This chapter has a lot of thoughtful ideas and discussion points to prepare us for the "Grow Each Day" chapter. In order to prepare for the "Grow Each Day" assignments. We are going to answer some questions to lay the ground work for Grow Each Day. These questions may seem elementary, but it is important to go back to basics every now and again, to make sure we can still answer those simple questions.


Please place your response in the comments, or upload a word document.


1. What do you do in your classroom to lead by example?


2. What do you do for colleagues/student teachers/ teacher mentees to lead by example?


3. When times have gotten overwhelming, have you asked for help? Who did you ask? How did it alleviate the situation?


4. On page 124, in The Hours We Keep there is a list of ten common characteristics that the authors feel set educators apart in their journey to "Go the Way." How many of these characteristics do you implement into your classroom or are in your teaching philosophy, already? Which would you consider integrating?


Talk to you next week!