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20/20 Vision

Posted by Katie Wood Jun 23, 2017

First, let me say, I finally got some office time to catch up and read through your posts/discussions. I agree with Robin McLean, there needs to be a love button like on Facebook! It has been a pleasure to see the conversation organically manifest in our posts.


Second, I got to travel to the Oswegatchie Educational Center in upstate New York for the New York teacher’s conference this week. NAAE hosted an Agriscience Inquiry Institute as part of their professional development program. There is no service or internet there at all. It was so refreshing to be unplugged. And- as I am sure you can all relate- a joy to be with a group of people that share [at least a part] of your vision.


Speaking of vision… that is what we are going to be discussing for the “Show the Way” section of the book.


“At the start of any lesson or unit of study, great teachers show their students what they will know and be able to do upon completion…Like everyone else, these educators make many mistakes- and learn from these mistakes. Their ability to stay focused on definite end goals enables them to take risks and keep going when they encounter obstacles and challenges along the way. They are not shy about sharing where they intend to take others because they believe the goals they have set-once realized- will achieve ultimate excellence for those they serve. You might say they have perfect, 20/20 vision when it comes to what success looks like.”

–Whitaker, Zoul, Casas, pg. 63-64


Now that we have created our mission statements, and we know the way, we need to show the way. We are going to turn our mission into a vision. What is our end goal? What do we want to see happen/manifest in our classroom?


“Moreover, they are so passionate about this vision of a better tomorrow that their vision soon becomes a shared vision, collectively pursued by those in their presence.”

–Whitaker, Zoul, Casas, pg. 64


How can your vision become a shared vision? In your classroom, department, or with your school administrators? How will you share your vision?


For this assignment, please create your vision taking into consideration the questions prompted above. I have attached a PPT to help you work through these questions to create your vision statement. I also recommend watching the short video, “How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement” from Rapid Start Leadership, and the “Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose” video from Dan Pink. Answering the “Show the Way” discussion post first, may also aid in crafting your vision statement.


If you would rather discuss your vision statement as a response to this post, or turn your vision statement into an infographic or poster for your classroom, go for it! If you want a tangible video to share with others, feel free to complete your assignment that way. Let your creative juices flow!

Start with Why

Posted by Katie Wood Jun 13, 2017

“Learning can be a messy and difficult process, but, then again, most things worth doing are not clean and easy.”-Whitaker, Zoul, Casas, pg.45


As ag teachers don’t we know that all too well in both the literal and figurative sense? Right now, we are focusing on “Know the Way.” And, “Knowing the Way” may not always be the clean and easy path. When we get into those messy times, don’t we sometimes ask why we do what we do? Why are we teachers? Why are we agricultural educators? Why do we put so much time into professional development, etc.?


You may have answers to these questions. You may not. But are they thought out into a personal mission statement? We spend time advocating for our schools, our departments and our programs, but do we advocate for ourselves? How does our mission statement tie into what our school or program’s mission statement is?



This week we will be exploring what our personal mission statements are. Please review the QR code links to “Personal Mission Statements of 5 Famous CEOs” (pg. 55) and “How to Write a Mission Statement that doesn’t Suck” (pg. 57). Use the attached PowerPoint to work through creating your mission statement. This can be a work in progress. It may change as you read the book. I have included places to put your school mission and your department/program mission. If your school, department and program don’t have these that is alright! If they do, that also doesn’t mean your personal mission statement doesn’t have to complete align with those either.


New to QR Codes?

  1.       In your App store on your tablet or cell phone, search “QR Code Scanner.”
  2.       Several options should pop up. This should be a free download.
  3.       Once installed, it may request access to your camera. This is simply because the scanner takes a picture of the code in order to retrieve the link.
  4.      Once the QR Code Scanner has successfully read the QR Code, it will pop up with a prompt box asking if you want to copy the link or open it. Copying the link allows you to text or email it with someone, and opening allows you to immediately read/watch the content.

Good afternoon all,


I just wanted to keep you posted on the second assignment. This will be posted first thing Monday morning. I am travelling this week and very unfortunately, I forgot the book on my desk in my office! As teachers I am sure you can understand my frustration of taking notes and tabbing important information just to leave the book at home while you are writing your lesson plans at school. Thank you for your understanding in this mishap. Consider it more time to read "Know the Way" and review the content at the end of the chapter.


The assignment tracker will also be posted on Monday. I am still trying to read through everyone's posts. Your jerseys are so creative! The assignment tracker will be linked on the front page in a widget named important information. There will be a link to this post too, just in case anyone doesn't catch it.


Which brings me to another housekeeping note... Are you "following" the book club? Several of you have asked if the first post is up or are looking for other information. Following the book club is the easiest way to stay abreast of what gets posted to the group.


On the homepage of the book club look for this icon towards the upper-right hand corner:


Click on Follow and this dropdown will appear:


Make sure that the following box is checked. From here you have a couple of actions. Clicking "Email Watches" means that when something is posted to the book club, you will get an email about it. If you check "Inbox," you will get a notification in your CoP inbox.


I hope that helps. Thank you again for understanding. I will talk to you all on Monday. Enjoy your weekends!

The Starting Line

Posted by Katie Wood Jun 2, 2017

Good afternoon all and Happy Summer!


It looks like we have another great group signed up to join us for this year's summer read, Start. Right. Now.


Right now, we are at the Starting Line. Even though we are not competitors, we are all starting this summer together. When you enter a race, how can you tell each team apart? From their team jersey. A typical team jersey may have two or three colors, a logo, a sponsor(s), etc. This week, we are going to get to know everyone that is at the Starting Line by creating our "jerseys." I have attached a template of a jersey below. Feel free to use it or grab something else from the internet, or design a real T-shirt jersey! With the limited craft supplies available at my office, I made due, but believe me, there probably would be some glitter incorporated somewhere on it!


Please post your jersey to the NAAE Virtual Book Club page with an explanation of what and why you chose your design. This can be in a discussion post, or a video. (See my video below)


A little more information about the layout of this summer's book club...


Since there are so few chapters in this book, you will notice the timelines are greater in between new "assignments." The goal is to allow you more time to digest the information in the readings before submitting the assignment. Additionally, at the end of the four main chapters, there are also some short videos, or additional media to explore that is associated with that chapter.




June 2-9


Read Chapter 1


The Starting Line

June 10-21

Read Know the Way


Starting with Why

June 21-June 30

Read Show the Way

20/20 Vision

July 1-12

Read Go the Way

The Hours We Keep

July 12-21

Read Grow Each Day

One Day at a Time

July 22-28

Read Behaviors to Beliefs and Back Again

The Finish Line?


Within each assignment period, there will be a true "assignment" that includes an activity based on self reflection, as well as a group discussion thread that will be started by me with a few related questions to the chapter. New posts will be up by 4:30 eastern time on the day of the new chapter.


Assignments, activities and discussion responses will be tracked in an excel assignment tracker that I will periodically update (about once a week).


As always, we are flexible. We are all agriculture teachers here. We understand that summer is the time for travel, conferences, fairs, etc. If you don't complete the assignments with in the allotted period, that is all right. However, there will be a set date in early August when I no longer accept assignments in order to process professional development certificates.


Katie's Jersey Video