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Being an Innovator

Posted by Katie Wood Jun 21, 2016

Wow. Y'all. I am so sorry. I don't know what is going on with these posts, I promise they are all ready to go, but not going out when they are scheduled. So, I will be manually posting them to make sure they go out on time so we can stick to our schedule as closely as possible!


Being an Innovator


As we finish Chapter 3 and Part I, Couros identifies what he considers to be the characteristics of an innovator's mindset. He narrows it down to eight. Based on your answers from the discussion posts from the last two weeks, do you agree with those eight? Are there any others that would add? Before we can build our classroom's innovation, or even our department's mindset, we have to think about how we personally think about innovation. Keeping that in mind, you will be ranking the eight characteristics based on how you feel they relate to your teaching. In other words, which characteristic is your strongest point? What do you innovatively do well? Now, this isn't a direct 1-8 ranking. If you feel that resilience and empathy are your weakest, put them both at the bottom next to each other. This is your scale, so "rank" them however you would prefer.


After you have "ranked" them, please add text boxes to explain why the characteristics are placed where they are. You can add one text box next to explain everything, or one box next to each characteristic. Feel free to add other characteristics if you think there should be more/different than the eight.


Upload your document to the book club.You can take a picture of the slide and post it to social media too, just be sure to use #naaereads!

Jerry Janisch


Posted by Jerry Janisch Jun 10, 2016

2015-08-30 13.44.07.jpg

My name is Jerry.  I am the Ag teacher/FFA advisor in Milbank South Dakota, where I have been teaching for 25 years.  I have about 120 students in the program.  I enjoy reading, working in the greenhouse and traveling.  I am planning to go to the International Peace Garden with my girlfriend in July. I enjoy teaching the horticulture, greenhouse and welding classes.  I went to college at South Dakota State University.  A random fact, I have a twin sister.  Many students always ask if we are identical.  I than explain no—I am boy she is a girl, there is a difference. 

YOU in 30 Seconds

Posted by Katie Wood Jun 3, 2016

Welcome NAAE Book Club Readers!

This summer we will be exploring The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros.

A little housekeeping before we get started: If you didn't notice on the homepage of the Book Club, I posted some information about how the schedule will work. It is under Important Information. The abbreviated version: Discussion Question Threads will be posted on Tuesdays for a group based reflection in regards to what we are reading and Assignments will be posted on Fridays to reflect on what you read during the week.

Now onto the first assignment! Please read pages 45-47 to help you accomplish your task.

Some of you are returning book club members, and others are new. In order to get to know each other, we thought we would literally take a page out of George's book! During one of George's events, he helped an educator learn how to use Twitter in 60 seconds with this video. The educator then went on to use the 60 second video in her classroom, not to learn Twitter, but in order for her students to grasp the concept/steps of mitosis.


We are only going to do a 30 second video to capture ourselves. Possible things to cover are:

  • Your interests
  • Your personal background
  • Favorite subject(s) to teach
  • Where you teach
  • Where you go/went to school
  • Random fact

You can share as little or as much about yourself as you can in 30 seconds or less. You can use pictures in your video, or it can simply be you talking; it is up to you. The video can be posted in a reply to this post.

If you would rather post a picture and short explanation, feel free to do that as well, but in 300 words or less. Short and sweet is the key here.

Please also start reading Part I for next week. Tuesday's discussion will be on Chapter 1.

Don't know how to upload a picture or video to CoP? Click here for instructions.

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