Stanley Scurlock

A Small Sense of Normalcy?

Blog Post created by Stanley Scurlock on Feb 22, 2021

Do I sense a small step towards normalcy? I sure hope so. It has been almost a year since our lives were turned upside down due to Covid-19. Yes, most everyone is still asked to wear mask, social distance by six feet and keep our groups to a small number, but at semester change our schools went from hybrid to total brick and mortar. It is a great feeling to take attendance and hear a student say here or present. It just brings things back to reality.

As we make small steps towards a life we used to know we need to keep in mind we have seen some major changes in a year’s timeframe. I personally do not think we will ever totally go back to what we were before the pandemic, though I hope I am wrong, but we will gain back a lot of what makes us feel normal. Looking back this past fall when they were talking about us not having football, which is my favorite pastime, I was totally bummed. But they implemented safety measures and protocol that allowed the teams to play. I know around my house that was an answered prayer. But it also shows we are an innovative people and can adapt when necessary. I can honestly say we as agricultural educators are some of the most innovative and versatile people on this earth because we are associated with an ever-changing industry.

I know our NAAE home office personnel may be working remotely for the most part, but they are still working for you the member. Please reach out to them if you have questions or issues.

Have a great day!