• Vision 2035 Documents

    Here are the presentations from Dave Gossman's Vision 2035 Presentation at Region 1.
    Jaysa Fillmore
    created by Jaysa Fillmore
  • Team Orange resources

    AG Careers Unit Need Equine Help ASAP!!!
    McKinley Reed
    created by McKinley Reed
  • Lesson _ Plan

    Teacher Feature: Craig Kohn intro to ag animal systems test
    Patrick Dixon
    created by Patrick Dixon
  • Lesson plan yellow team

    Kimchi Lesson Plan.doc     http://communities.naae.org/thread/9463
  • 5 ways to find things on CoP

    tag cloud search bar space search by member Browse drop down
    Kevin Hicks
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  • team green new post

    Monday Morning Monitor --12/15/14 Need Equine Help ASAP!!!
    Kevin Hicks
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  • Team Orange Herdbook Nomination

    Team Orange nominates everyone on all the other teams to pay 5$ in fines for not having an acive COP account
    McKinley Reed
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  • Team yellow herd book nomination

    Heath....he was late $3
    Whitney Tuckett
    last modified by Whitney Tuckett
  • Team pink herd book nomination

    heath hornecker has been nominated for the herdbook! Fine is $1 for volunteering to be fined.
    Chelsi wiejaczka
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  • Team Green Herdbook

    Heath is nominated for herd book for showing up late to the conference because he would rather vacation in CO. He is fined $1.
    Jessica Bulletset
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  • What Do You Need to Teach Students About Becoming Farmers?

    We have a unique opportunity to ask for exactly what kinds of resources we'd like to have available as the USDA New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers program revamps its website. Here's the question they'd like you t...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch