Nick Nelson

"We don't rent pigs"

Blog Post created by Nick Nelson on Jan 28, 2016

Cowboy Logic: "Most folks are 'bout as

happy as they've made up their minds to be."


     "Well we don't rent pigs, and the man that does, he's hard to stop."

     This is one of my favorite lines from the best movie ever made; Lonesome Dove.  I may not rent pigs, but I do now raise goats.  Which is something I never thought would come out of my mouth.  I am a sixth generation cattlemen, and all those years going to the county fair, I avoided the goat barn like it had a plague.  Now my family at one time did raise a lot of sheep, and then moved to commercial cattle, then eventually purebred cows--never was there a plan to downgrade to goats.   But here we are-- "goat farmers for the sake of our kids," is how I make the excuse.  The reality is, they are a lot of fun.  Never in my life have I been around an animal with so much personality and the ability to get out or into anything they wish.  The dang goats make me laugh every day, I just don't tell my friends about it.


     The cowboy logic is very true, we are as happy as we've made a decision to be.  I have a student that is constantly mad about something.  I asked her the other day if she was ever happy.  "What do you mean?"  I took that as a NO!  Emotions are as much a state of mind as anything.  We make the decision of how our day is going to go from the moment we roll out of bed.  I think that is particularly evident when you evaluate your own kids.  My son is still wrestling and has had a pretty successful season, but this year more than any other it has been about coaching the brain.  He is eight and has been wrestling for three years.  He has lost some really close matches against some really savvy kids.  Convincing him that the next tournament is a new day and could have a different outcome has been difficult.  When he has made his mind up that he can win, he has been the one raising his hand at the end of the match, but every day we need to have a coaching session on the mental aspects of wrestling.


     The Western Region Conference is coming soon.  You can register for the conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho at  The dates are a week later than normal; April 26-29th.  The Idaho delegation has been working a great deal on some awesome tours and fun activities, you can find a copy of the draft agenda on both the Idaho website and in CoP under Region 1.  The price has been kept really moderate and it would be awesome to see 70-100 teachers there.  The early bird registration ends March 1, 2016.


     Also it is a goal of mine to get the state profiles updated on CoP.  California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada and now Arizona have gotten their state profiles uploaded.  This information could be very useful for ag teacher recruitment, understanding each state's educational benefits/shortfalls and would be very important as we start to dig deeper into the "Vision 2035" data.  As you communicate with your state leadership teams, put the state profile document as one of your goals to complete this spring.