Nick Nelson

The 80/20 Rule

Blog Post created by Nick Nelson on May 26, 2015

Cowboy Logic:

"The trouble with opportunity is that it often comes disguised as hard work."


I don't remember my parents being as busy as I have found myself being in the spring.  Over the past two months, I feel I have been home maybe a total of 24 hours. Between junior rodeo, baseball, livestock shows, auctions, community Events, and of course teaching, there has been no time to even clean the house.  I think my parents are smarter than I am. At a young age, they made my siblings and I choose our favorite past-times and limited us to the activities that would best serve us in the future.  That is a tough thing to do when you have to choose what opportunities you would want to present to your kids. 

There is a thing that I have noticed since I have been teaching......I call it the 80/20 rule -- 80% of the people watch 20% of the people do the work.   You could apply this rule to almost everything -- your classroom, church groups, rodeo committee, athletics, 4-H clubs, the highway department, etc.  I also believe that those 20% that do 80% of the work are the ones that are given the most opportunities in life. As the school year winds down and exhaustion sets in, you have to keep on truckin' because those opportunities you have been waiting for will present themselves to you.

In April, the Region I Conference was held in Tempe, Arizona.  It was an awesome conference that had us moving all the time.  The tours had us out to Arizona nurseries, then to a carrot processing plant, we visited a small dairy, and then went to a feedlot that feeds only black and white cattle -- and they looked good!  The program tours were also incredible.  We visited three schools in the Phoenix-Tempe area that were all very unique.  We saw one program that works with the local historical museum and leases out ground to students to grow crops, one program has a complete meat processing program, with another inner-city program that has a complete school farm.  The neatest thing about these tours was that the students presented their programs to us and did a wonderful job.  Lastly, we were able to tour an olive mill that was made famous by "Dirty Jobs" and Mike Rowe.

The business portion of the conference was also very successful.  The committees came up with several great ideas to be sent to the summer virtual meetings. You can view those committee reports on the CoP home page under each committee space.  I believe the state reports were highly successful, and were able to get states together for some outstanding cooperation on initiatives. Thank you to all the members that were able to come to this conference, the work that you completed was tremendous!  I would also like to thank the Arizona delegation for putting on a truly outstanding conference. Thank you all for the work that you did to host the Region I Conference!


I look forward to seeing you at your state summer conferences and hope that this time of year can get you recuperated and rejuvenated for the next year!