Nick Nelson

The Short Days of Winter

Blog Post created by Nick Nelson on Jan 22, 2015

Cowboy Logic:

"Anyone who says marriage is a 50/50 proposition

knows nothing about men, women or fractions."


This time of year is often the busiest for myself and my family.  Cows are calving, everything needs feed, I am constantly counting bales of hay and hoping it will get me to April.  Meanwhile, my kids are wrestling, taking English riding lessons, swimming, and my wife finally got me excited about horses.  Now I have a love-hate relationship with horses -- the way it goes in my house is the cows are mine (they make money) the horses are hers (they lose lots of money).  I usually feed everything, and it always seems to be in the dark; the cows seem to appreciate me, but the horses try to run me over.  My wife has been searching for years to get me involved in horses -- she finally succeeded.  Welcome to "Mounted Shooting".  It is aaaaaaaawesome.........blazing away at targets at a full run, with single action .45 caliber Colt replicas.  I am trying not to look at the expense that this new found activity will accrue.  Oh well, I get new guns!


I realize that this is also a busy time of year for all ag teachers, the days are short and there is a lot going on.  Hang with it and find an activity to escape with your family.  I know that it is hard this time of year, but it is needed.  This is also a good time to get your students out of the classroom and to do some tours.  So much is happening with livestock; from bull sales to calving, processing lambs and baby pigs. Before you know it, those fall seeded crops will be up and the snow will be gone.


This is also a great time for NAAE!  Many of you are serving on committees and will be a part of the new restructure process.  In the next couple of weeks, all seven of the committees will be meeting through a webinar program, and will be creating new topics for regional and board discussion and action.  This is an extremely important job, and one that I know you will find value in.  I believe this will make our organization more grass roots, but will also allow us to move faster on action items.  Look for emails scheduling the meetings over the next couple of weeks and definitely take part in the discussion.  All committee information will be on Communities of Practice and will be available for all to view.  This is also an opportunity for anyone to be a part of NAAE at the regional and national level -- no longer do you have to serve on your state's officer team to be on a committee, due to the fact that most of the meetings will be done virtually.  If you would like to serve on a committee, send in a resume and cover letter to the NAAE office and/or let your state team know of your interest.  Each region must have three members per committee.


Other NAAE items to look out for are state award winners need to be looking at completing applications, and we are looking for volunteers to serve as selection committees to look over applications from other regions -- this is an excellent way of learning what other teachers are doing and what makes their application great.  The Region I Conference will be coming up quickly as well.  This year the conference will be in Tempe, AZ; April 15-17.  The Arizona crew has their website up to register and for more information on the conferenc -- Early bird registration is due February 1.