• Is anyone else using Google classroom or non traditional learning days:)

    I am looking for some additional resources. I have been using mycaert packets and some you tube videos.
    Melissa Blackburn
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  • extra rodeo tickets

    I have about 20 extra tickets if anyone needs them for tomorrow night. contact me via e-mail candrea.bingham@Jackson.kyschools.us
    Candrea Bingham
    created by Candrea Bingham
  • National Convention Swap Shop

    I am looking for 7 tickets to the Rodeo on Friday night.  leeann.daugherty@butler.kyschools.us
  • KOSSA- Lets Talk about it--

    Lets Talk about KOSSA- Share some review materials- Give suggestions for Best Practices- What are your motivation tips? 
    Bethany Garmon
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  • Emergency notifications in the Greenhouse

    Our greenhouse is separate from the school by about 75 yards.  There is no intercom system in it.  If there is a bell, fire alarm, weather warning, lockdown or other announcement, those in the greenhouse have no notif...
    Wes York
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  • AGR 100 Racer Academy

    When I took my current job, Adv. Animal Science was already on the students' schedules, so I got the okay to be able to teach the course without having the required number of hours toward my masters, just for this yea...
    Cierra Price
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  • Vet Science Field Trip Ideas- Where do you like to go? or virtual? ideas and links PLEASE

    what are some places you visit in your town or in the state? What are great virtual field trips? post the link please!! lets share!
    Bethany Garmon
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  • Has anyone taught Ag Employability as a course?

    We are adding this course this year and I would like some help building
    Melissa Blackburn
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  • FFA competition rules

    Where can we find the rules for our FFA competitions since they kyffa site doesn't work?
    Melissa Blackburn
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  • Using Ag classes for core courses.

    I am searching for KY schools that might be using ag math for a math credit or agriscience as a science credit towards graduation. Our school is considering this. Any help would be appreciated. We are building next ye...
    Larry Duvall
    created by Larry Duvall
  • What core content classes are you collaborating with and how? Specific classes and lessons?

    Our administration is seeing more connection between our department's content and the content of our math and science classes. In an effort to bring more of my students overall success in the classroom up, we have beg...
    Janella Miller
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  • Career Pathways?

    My school is still on a block schedule so I struggle to find enough course offerings in a pathway so students do not have to take the same course twice or where I don't have to teach two classes during the same block....
    Julie Criss
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  • Curriculum Map for Ag Science

    Pamela Zeller
    created by Pamela Zeller
  • vetscience resources

    What resources are you using for vet science course? Are you offering certification?
  • plant and land management

    Does anyone gave Plant and Landscape curriculum they would mind to share? I would love to visit and learn from you.
    Sarah Rice
    created by Sarah Rice
  • What are new and/or interesting things are you doing to motivate AND prepare your students for KOSSA?

    I have heard several ideas over the past few years, but I was interested to see if we could get several together all in one place that might give us some new and motivating ways to encourage our kids AND prepare them ...
    Janella Miller
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  • Text Book Exchange

    It has been suggested that we start an online text book exchange discussion.  If you need one or more text books, post the subject, number of books needed, and any other information.  If you have text books you no lon...
    Matt Chaliff
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