• Resource for Ag Teachers

    https://www.cteonline.org/   A great place to find lessons and curriculum material.
    Julie Criss
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  • More use of KAAE page on Communities of Practice...

    What one thing would make you more likely to visit the KAAE page in Communites of Practice?
    Janella Miller
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  • Winter PD 12/29/14

    1. One worksheet for preparing a CDE team. 2. Another website that helps or has helped you with FFA activities. 3. 1 graphic for anatomy of livestock
    James Bonta
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  • Scheduling - trying to solve the mystery-

    I am on the scheduling committee for my school.  We are currently on a modified block which consists of 2 year long classes and 3 semester classes. Thus giving the student 8 credits per year.  our administration wants...
    Bethany Garmon
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  • Trimester Scheduling

    My school is discussing changing to a 6 period trimester for next year. I was wondering if you could forward this to other agriculture teachers so that I can get some feedback on what the 6 period trimester might mean...
    Matt Chaliff
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  • Adding Agribiology

    In the next year or two I'm looking to add Agribiology as a class at my school for dual credit in biology and agriculture. I'm thinking for my area of the state I need to begin offering the more science based career p...
    Cam White
    created by Cam White
  • Agricultural Power, Structural, and Technology Systems - "Everything you need to know!" - KACTE Conference 2014

    Attached are the most up-to-date files pertaining to KOSSA and POS standards to be utilized while planning instruction for classes in the Agricultural Power, Structural, and Technology Systems career cluster.   Mile...
    Miles Hargrove
    created by Miles Hargrove