• AET 4 Day Assignment

    I need to adjust the first page to reflect using practice accounts instead of creating a real one.  But this is a pretty comprehensive assignment walking students through the different areas of record keeping.  Breaki...
    Lindsey Davie
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  • AET 4 Day Assignment Keys

    Here are the keys and rubrics for the assignment. 
    Lindsey Davie
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  • National Convention Swap Shop

    tional Please use this discussion for any buying, selling, or trading of National Convention tickets that you need to do.  
    Matt Chaliff
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  • National Convention Concert TIckets

    HI! I am looking for 1 green level concert ticket for Wednesday night. Anyone have some extras
    Makenzie Thomas
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  • Kentucky State Reimbursement Form

    Last year the state sent down a new from for travel reimbursement.  Has anyone got that file in an excel format, that will do the calculations for you?  The one I have is in Word format and locked.  It is PERSONNEL Fo...
    Wes York
    created by Wes York
  • KOSSA Rewards and Recognition

    What are some ways that you inform students and parents about KOSSA testing?  How do you motivate them to study on their own? How do you recognize those students that pass? What works for your school?
    Bethany Garmon
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  • National FFA Convention Swap Shop

    Livingston Central has: 5 tickets for Jake Owen for Wednesday night at 8:30 5 rodeo tickets for Thursday night at 6:30 5 tickets for Opening Session 1A Email Robert.schmitt@Livingston.kyschools.us   Logan County ...
    Matt Chaliff
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  • Animal Science Student Workbook/Teacher Guide (Cornell and Team AgEd)

    Does anyone know if Cornell and Team AgEd produced an Animal Science student workbook and teacher guide similar to the one that is available for Veterinary Science? A colleague says there is one out there, but I have ...
    Laurie Mays
    created by Laurie Mays
  • Technology Resources from Kentucky CTE Conference Workshop

    If you follow the link provided below you will see the list that Dustin and I provided during our workshop. You will also be able to see the updates that we did throughout the day of the workshop as well!   Technolog...
    John Hammond
    created by John Hammond
  • Snow Day Assignments

    My school is considering the snow day packet plan for next year.  I want to do one lesson per snow day that encompasses all of ag ed instead of being course specific.  Maybe even by career major instead of individual ...
    Bethany Garmon
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  • KMAT - April

    We all shared some files at KMAT a few weeks back.  I'm posting mine here so that you'll have a digital copy.
    Matthew Simpson
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  • New Committee Structure

    We have recently started discussing with our students the new committee structure that is going into effect for Kentucky for the upcoming school year.  How is your FFA chapter structuring your executive team for the u...
    Matthew Simpson
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  • Do any regions have a regional officer application or contract?

    Do any regions have a regional officer contract and/or application??
    Bethany Garmon
    created by Bethany Garmon
  • Kentucky CASE Institute

    Hello all!  I just wanted to reach out to all Kentucky Ag. Teachers and let the know that we are hosting a CASE AFNR Institute at Jessamine Career and Technology Center this summer.  The dates are June 15-25, and we'r...
    Matthew Simpson
    created by Matthew Simpson
  • Ag Tag Ideas

    How do you promote the Ag Tag Program in your community?  your clerks office?  anyone design a t shirt?
    Bethany Garmon
    created by Bethany Garmon
  • In Turf Management, are your students allowed to work with mowers and power tools?

    My school wants to start a program for students to take care of athletic fields.  Is this more of a pain for the teacher, rather than a benefit for students?  I don't want this to turn into me doing the work maintenan...
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  • Vet Tech Student Red Cross Pet CPR Certification

    I paid a Red Cross Instructor to come to my Vet Tech Class to certify my students as Red Cross Pet CPR Certified.  It cost my program $56.00/student, but since I did this, I found the Red Cross will train a group of, ...
    Pamela Zeller
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  • Syllabi

    I think it would be neat to see how different teachers create their syllabi. Post yours! I'm looking to be more creative!
    Beth Wethington
    created by Beth Wethington
  • pintrest for Ag!

    http://communities.naae.org/message/16216#16216   Use this for ideas for multiple activities and FFA ideas!
    Sarah Rice
    created by Sarah Rice
  • vet science resources