• Ag Edu Publication Final.pub

    For use in advocacy efforts by local programs
    Brandon K Davis
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  • Find Hootie Poster

    Brandon K Davis
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  • Dairy farming Quick Read.docx

    Agriculture Enrichment or Literacy-  Its a simple read and answer worksheet.  in case you need a little something extra.
    Bethany Garmon
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  • Volunteer Card

    At teachers conference we were sharing ideas about various things, and I discussed using this volunteer card to figure out who might be willing to help you within your chapter.  We put these out at our Chapter Banquet...
    Matthew Simpson
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  • Ag Tag Ideas

    How do you promote the Ag Tag Program in your community?  your clerks office?  anyone design a t shirt?
    Bethany Garmon
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  • What core content classes are you collaborating with and how? Specific classes and lessons?

    Our administration is seeing more connection between our department's content and the content of our math and science classes. In an effort to bring more of my students overall success in the classroom up, we have beg...
    Janella Miller
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