Traveling With Pets lesson

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If you're in need of a small safety lesson for your Small Animal/Companion Animal classes, I came up with one on the fly today. (You know, one of those days where you change your mind at the last second and still somehow come up with something that works?)


  1. First I opened this lesson by relating it to holiday travel, and discussed with the students who will be traveling this holiday season and how, and if their pets were factored into their plans.
  2. I then read this article - Family: Cops Killed Our Dog for No Reason - ABC News.  This was a tragic incident that happened in our state that made national news. As a result, we now have laws in Tennessee that spell out the legal and proper way to restrain a pet in a vehicle. We also discussed what we knew about animal behavior to discuss what signs would have shown aggression in a dog and whether or not the officer was justified in his actions.
  3. I printed off this brochure -, broke the students into 4 groups and assigned them each an area (Planning, Air Travel, Car Travel, and Bus/Trains/Camping) for our jigsaw, using the notesheet I attached to this posting. It only took 45 minutes but I can tell they really were surprised that there is so much involved. I can also tell that many of them are contemplating how they will travel with their pets in the future.
  4. As a follow up lesson tomorrow, I plan to have them research the specific law in our state and how it compares to others around us, then give a "safety rating" for pets in vehicles for each state researched.
  5. For students who many need extra credit or enrichment in this activity, I would love for students to create a PSA on the school news!