Goat Coin-flip genetics

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For those who are or will soon be doing Mendelian/Punnett Square genetics, see the attached lab if you'd like a fun, easy activity to introduce dominance/recessiveness. I've been trying to find an ag-specific activity like the coin flip labs from my early days teaching biology. This attempts to re-create that for specifically for goats.


In a nutshell, students flip two coins for six different traits. Heads are dominant and tails are recessive. All six traits are singly-inherited and are generally consistent across goat breeds (I had my chapter president/goat expert confirm it). Students flip a coin twice for each trait to determine the genotype and phenotype and then draw their goat.


In the second document, students again create goats but these traits are affected by incomplete dominance, co-dominance, and epistasis.  This requires students to use a dihybrid Punnett Square to solve each problem.


Also included are notes and notesheets for genetics.

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