Movie of real Erosion

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This short video is actual footage that was shot regarding the Iowa DOT building a pond near the Farm of Ronald Zelle.  The spring rain occurred with about 4 inches falling in less than 2 hours.  The water way draining into the pond drains about 2200 acres of land above the pond area.  The DOT did not take precautions to prevent bank erosion.  Approximately 1 acre of ground was washed 4-6 feed deep into the pond another 10 acres had soil removed from a depth of an inch to 1 food deep.  The water flowing at the time of the video was about 4 hours after the storm occurred and continued to flow for 4 days.  Erosion continued for several days before the water stopped flowing.  The Iowa DOT did fill the field in the fall and shored up the edge of the pond.  A second wash out occurred 4 years later and was again repaired. The cost of repairing the damage was over 250,000 the first time and nearly 100,000 the second time.  Moral of the story do not build a pond in the flow path of a large waterway.  PS the DOT had been warned that lots of water flowed through this water way and not to build the road in that location but the engineers predicted the pond would fill up and the water would not cause damage.  Instead the water drops 4-6 feet even during long events and cuts back until rip-rapping and steel coffer dam material was installed. Need more information contact Ron Zelle