NAAE Policy & Bylaws Committee Agenda - Summer 2021

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NAAE Policy & Bylaws Committee Agenda - Summer 2021
Meeting at 8:00pm ET/7:00 CT/6:00 MT/ 5:00 PT
I. Call Meeting to Order - Matthew Dettloff called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM
II. Roll Call
A. Region I - Sarah Huss- Oregon
B. Region II - Cameron Dale- Oklahoma
C. Region III - Steph Miller- Nebraska, Jeremy Carkuff- North Dakota, Julie KetterlingMinnesota
D. Region IV - Ashley Rogers- Kentucky
E. Region V- Matthew Detloff- Florida, Chad Ayers- North Carolina , Brittany ColemanFlorida
F. Region VI - None
G. NAAE Region Representative- Todd Thomas- Colorado
III. Old Business
A. None
IV. New Business
A. Vote in New Member
- Vicki Yackle, Region IV- Michigan
- Ashley Rogers made the motion to accept Vicki Yackle. Chad Ayers
seconded the motion.
- Vickie Yackle was voted in by general consensus
B. NAAE Committee Survey
- For the question regarding strategic plan- we have not deviated from any
task listed on the strategic plan. No known initiatives at this time.
- For the question regarding duplication of duties- we feel that we should
work together to fill membership vacancies.
- For the question regarding initiatives that should be worked on
collaboratively- All committees working cohesively to make sure spots are
filled would be most effective.
- For the question regarding initiatives being added to any other committee.  The committee feels as though they are fulfilling their purpose and should
not be added to any other committee at this time.
- For the question regarding our values and input needed- we still are
integral to other operations and activities conducted by NAAE.
- For the question regarding the improvement of NAAE strategic plan- We
would like to implement a committee training to better educate and
communicate our purpose to members. This will allow our mission to be
at the forefront of our minds as we conduct business for our committee.
- For the question regarding platforms for accessibility- We would like for
the strategic plan to be distributed through email as soon as they join the
committee. We also feel that it would be helpful if there was a Google
drive that housed all of the NAAE essential documents.
- For the question regarding any additional insight for development or
improvement of the NAAE strategic plan- We do not have any
recommendations at this time.
V. Announcements
A. NAAE convention will be hosted in person this year in New Orleans. Please make sure to
look for the early bird registration to assist in offsetting cost of registration.
B. Our next meeting will take place in September. We will take a closer look at our
leadership handbook and the strategic plan.
C. Inquiry by Sarah Huss- What positions are open for the NAAE Policy and Bylaws
committee currently? Matthew Detloff brought up the committee members sheet from
NAAE. Our paperwork has not been updated. There are 6 vacant positions in our
committee, missing from region I, II, VI.
VI. Adjourn- Jeremy moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35. Cameron Dale seconded the motion
to adjourn