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Document created by Craig A. Kohn on Sep 21, 2020
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Due to the challenges of teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have added resources to the Future of Agriculture Curriculum for Teaching Sustainability (www.factsnsf.org) to assist teachers as they engage in remote, virtual, and/or hybrid instruction. Over the course of this semester, I will be continuously adding educational videos, revising curriculum to support distance learning, and providing other changes to support teachers. These are for the FACTS Natural Resources course at the moment (FACTS-Natural Resources - F.A.C.T.S. ); I will be working on the Horticulture course next (FACTS-Horticulture - F.A.C.T.S.). Answer keys for the FACTS curriculum can be requested by emailing me at kohncrai@msu.edu


In addition to the free curriculum available at www.factsnsf.org (funded by the National Science Foundation), these videos will also partially align to content I have previously posted on NAAE COP (at Craig A. Kohn ) and at Waterford Agriscience - Home for the Natural Resources, Agriscience, and Home Gardening & Horticulture Courses. These videos will be most well-aligned to the Natural Resources course, but it won't be a perfect match.


I have also created a YouTube Playlist of all educational videos I have ever produced. Some are professional-grade videos (e.g. the TED-Ed videos) and some are of embarrassingly poor quality (as in, cringeworthy embarrassing). Regardless, they can all be found at Waterford Ag Curriculum Videos - YouTube  


You can view the new videos as they are being created at FACTS Curriculum - YouTube . Currently I am creating about 6 videos per week. I'm not sure how long I can keep up that pace, but I'm gonna try my hardest. Eventually I'll need to write a dissertation so I'm trying to create as many as I can now. 


Living to Serve, 


Craig Kohn

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