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Jesse Shaver - Salisbury Elk-Lick High School 

Salisbury,  PA. 



Lesson Title – What systems of breeding produce the beef on your plat?  


Length – 45 minuets/ 2class

PA Academic Standards and Anchors Addressed – Science 

CC.3.5.11-12.B: Determine the central ideas or conclusions of a text; summarize complex concepts, processes, or information presented in a text by paraphrasing them in simpler but still accurate terms

CC.3.5.11-12.E: Analyze how the text structures information or ideas into categories or hierarchies, demonstrating understanding of the information or ideas.

PA Agriculture Standards and Benchmarks Animal Science

7.1 Explain the physiology of animal reproduction

Objectives - Upon completion of the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss housing requirements for beef cattle to teacher satisfaction. 
  2. Describe a continues breeding systemwith 100% accuracy.
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of its use in the beef industry to teacher satisfaction. 
  4. Describe a terminal breeding system with 100% accuracy. 
  5. Discuss the pros and cons of its use in the beef industry to teacher satisfaction. 

Lesson Type -                Informational             Operational        Managerial 

Modalities Addressed -     Visual            Auditory         Kinesthetic 

Multiple Intelligences

Addressed -             Verbal-Linguistic    Naturalist    Musical    Visual-Spatial   


Logical-        Interpersonal    Intrapersonal    Bodily- 

Mathematical                         Kinesthetic

Essential Vocabulary –

Purebred , Crossbreed, F1, Continuous, Terminal, True Rotations, Crisscross, Sire Rotations, Static Terminal, Rotation-Terminal, Multiple Sire Breed, Hybrid Sires and Composites

Need of Lesson – A course that is designed to instruct and enable (26) 10-12th grade students to understand the housing and breeding systems that allow producers to provide elite F1 heifers. As well as functional and profitable beef producing calves. Enabling them to be an active participant in the local beef industry that includes numerous purebred, commercial, and feedlot operations.    


Advanced Tactics- Gummy Bear Cattle Hook :

Bell Work5 minuets

Day 1:

  • What do the terms Continues and Terminal mean to you? 
  • Given a herd of 25 shorthorn beef cattle ( 24 heifers & 1 bull ) where you can sell or keep as many calves as you want, what breeding system would be the most efficient to use? Why?

Day 2:

  • What are the pros and cons of a rancher/farmer operating on a terminal system?
  • What type of system would a club calf operation be using? ( draw out on the board as a class after students pair and share after individual answers in their notebooks

Interest Approach10 minuets

  • “Get in to a single fill line from shortest to tallest, without talking.”

“Now count off by fours..1,2,3,….” 

When the students are in their groups give two groups (1&3) 13 gummy bears (group 1 all the same color and group 3, 12 of the same color and 1 different color, give the other two groups (2&4) 24 gummy bears (group 2 all the same color and group 4, 12 the same 12 a different color and 2 of two different colors).  

“I am giving each group their cattle herds & a paper that describes your groups breeding system.”  

“When I say ‘Go’ work with in your groups to determine the pros and cons of your system.”


Give about 5 minutes then go around to the groups and have them share their system and its pros/cons. Give them 5 more minutes to work as a class to try and solve the problem of linebreeding. 

“Great! Now it looks like everyone had the same problem of linebreeding. As class/producers help each other find a solution to this problem.”


If it looks like they are struggling remind them to see what they can sell or trade. At the end of the 5 minuets have them share what solutions they found. 

  •  Pass out Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle IV: Breeding Systems article. 

“I am passing out an article from Texas A&M on Breeding systems.”

“What I want you to do is individually read the article and highlight any words or phrases that you feel are the key points to the article.”

“Put your highlighter down to show you are finished.”

Allow about 3 minutes. Then have the students partner up to compare their highlighted thoughts and develop one question and one word they unfamiliar with.  

“It looks like everyone is just about done. I want you to now partner up with the person next to you.”

“The two of you will compare what you highlighted and make the same marks on your own paper.”

“Once you have completed this I am passing out two different colored sticky notes. The Pink is for your group to write on question you have about the article, the Blue is for your group to put one word that they are unfamiliar with on.” 

“When you have finished put your sticky notes on the board in their respected columns and return to your set.”    

Allow about 5 minutes. Then read off the questions, seeing if anyone in the class may know the answer. Do the same with the word column. About 2 minutes. 


Please see the attached reflection.