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Photo posted by Kristina Bliley on Jul 16, 2020

Hi y'all! My name is Kristina Bliley and I'm from Conception Junction, Missouri! I teach at Riverside high school in Wathena, Kansas though. (I should have made Missouri and Kansas out of playdough!) In my playdough creation, you will find a softball, a cross, and a smile. The softball represents a large part of my life growing up and now. I grew up playing on a competitive softball team that traveled every weekend in the summer from the age of 9 to 21. Whenever I took the teaching job at Riverside, my dream came true when they asked me if I would help coach softball there so now I am the head coach there. The cross represents my Catholic faith. If you read the comments on the Facebook page that asked us to share where we're from and a fun fact about the area, you'll remember me mentioning that where I'm from, Conception Junction, makes up a community that has a Monastery, Convent, and a Catholic church. Growing up in this area, it was strange for someone to not be raised up in the Catholic faith. Last but not least, is the smile. I have always been the person that shares a smile, especially with my students as they've entered and left my room each day. My favorite thing when out in public is sharing a smile to brighten someone's day so you can only imagine how much I miss seeing everybody's smile with people wearing masks now. 


I'm excited for this opportunity to participate in this book club and to grow as a teacher as well as get to know other Ag teachers across the country! 

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