Values and Ethics- Floral Careers

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Lesson/Unit Title: Floral Careers                                                            

Length of this Unit: __________ (in terms of days or weeks)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Floral Design 2 a wide range of specialty floral designs, including historical designs, contemporary designs, oriental designs, seasonal designs, floragraphy, and designs for dried arrangements, novelty pieces, special events, and sympathy work. The business aspect of the industry is addressed through the study of pricing, advertising, shop design, wire services, delivery processes, professional organizations, sales techniques, and continuing education. The course emphasizes leadership activities and opportunities to participate in FFA events.


What are the essential understandings, key concepts, big ideas?  Restate standards in kid-friendly language:

Students will take an in-depth look at a possible career related to the Floral Industry.



What will students know and be able to do as a result of this unit/lesson?

Students will know about careers available and the education required to work in the floral industry.



What knowledge and skills are needed for success?

Students will need a basic understanding of careers.


Which students will need extra help and which students will need enrichment?

Students who need extra help with be assisted by the teacher or students who finish the project early.  Students who need enrichments will look at global career available while working in the floral industry.


How will students and I know when they are successful?

Describe ways to assess level of learning during and at the end of the lessons (e.g. performance tasks, projects, response opportunities, quizzes, observations).



Students will be observed reviewing different careers related to the Floral Industry.






Students will be creating a Power Point about 1 floral career they choose.


Describe learning experiences which will help students learn targeted understandings:












Lead the Way Monday- Describe a quality leadership skill that will attract potential employers, especially in the Floral Industry.  Be prepared to discuss.

10 mins



Students will look at different career fields in the agriculture and horticulture industry.

15 mins

Students will discuss how different aspects of the floral industry.  Designers, growers, retailers, marketing, and promotion.

30 mins

The students will use the website to fill out the Agriculture Opportunities worksheet. This will allow them to look at different jobs available in the agriculture industry.

20 mins

Students will now choose a floral/ horticulture specific career to complete a research PowerPoint on.

10 mins







Describe why you chose the career you did?   How do agriculture careers differ from horticulture careers.

5 mins