Multicultural Unit (Cultures and Restaurants)

Document created by Sheridan Clinkscales on May 4, 2011
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Day 1: Watch "Food: A Multicultural Feast" that can be found at and answer questions on the video guide. (20 mins)

Then have the students find a partner and select a country to research for the poster project.  Each team must chose a different country from the rest of the class.

Day 2: Give the students 20 minutes to finish their poster.  Then have the posters displayed around the room for a gallery walk.  Have students visit a set number or all of the posters and answer questions.  You should also have them compare 1 country to their chose country and 1 country to the US.

Day 3: Introduction to Restaurants - Fill in notes guides during the teacher lead discussion over the types of restaurants. (I have a key to this, I'll upload it soon)

After the lesson, pass out the Cultural Restaurant Project.  Discuss expectations and timelines.  Students must choose a partner or two and turn in the 1st daily grade.

Day 4-8 Students will continue to work on project.  There are 4 daily grade check points built in for progress checks.

Day 9 and 10: Students will present their projects to their classmates and provide a food sample.