Critical Thinking: Ice cream in a bag experiment

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*Designed to be written in students’ notebooks.  And is one of the first experiments they do in the year.


Ice cream: Hypothesis and Conclusion

(Students write in their notebooks) What do you know about ice cream?

*After writing down and discussing what they know students sample regular (vanilla) ice cream.

Question: How can you make ice cream healthier and still have the same texture?


Hypothesis: If we use ____________ for our ice cream mixture/solution, then it will be healthier and _____________ than ___(regular ice cream)____ because ________________.


Research: How do you know it’s healthy?  What health aspect is it?  Who would it appeal to?

Write a recipe = get a stamp


Experiment and make observations (qualitative = quality, quantitative = #)

Fill out nutrition chart


Conclusion: This study explored _______. The data showed _________. The hypothesis was/was not supported because ___________. This was important because ___________. For the next investigation ____________.