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Hello my fellow explorers! Though flights aren't flying, cruises aren't cruising, and cars aren't running down the interstates like usual, with the power of technology we don't have to put our adventurous souls on hold. Tim Elmore's book "Marching Off the Map" is a daring expedition into the unknown, challenging our current pedagogies, combatting societal norms, rewriting history - and we get to embark on such a journey as this, together! The next 10 weeks are sure to be inspirational and thought provoking, and I am so glad you have taken this courageous step in joining the 2020 NAAE Virtual Book Club. Our first official post will be on April 15th, but before that I wanted to help you prepare for your journey. 


If I've learned anything about packing for a trip, I've learned that packing the morning I leave is almost NEVER a good idea. I wind up leaving my toothbrush or my socks behind and have to buy an overpriced phone charger in the airport. True story: my very first NAAE Convention was Nashville in 2017. I had a 4 hour drive from my home in Kentucky, and about 2 hours down the road I had a sudden epiphany - I had left all of my professional clothes in a garment bag on my bed! I know the feeling of unpreparedness is not a great way to start a fun trip, so here's some ways to avoid that as we draw closer to our departure date:


1) If you haven't already, order your copy of "Marching Off the Map." If you haven't received yours yet, don't panic! You'll see in the calendar mentioned below that the first "assignment" doesn't roll out until April 20th - the Testing the Waters post on Wednesday, April 15th will be easily completed without the book. Also, the book club is self-paced. You will have until the end of June to complete all assignments to be awarded credit. So, if you are waiting on the book to arrive or are wondering if you still have time to order it, you're still right on track. Amazon or Tim Elmore's website are your two best bets for hard copies, and multiple carriers have audiobook versions. 


2) Like many of you, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things! This year for the book club, I'd like to offer the opportunity to meet up with each other virtually on Fridays for the duration of the study. I have created a survey to gauge interest in this, as well as determine times that work best for you all in the event you would like to participate. This is not a mandatory part of the book club, but rather an additional opportunity being offered. (The first question in the survey also gives me an idea of how many people are still waiting on their book) Please complete the survey here.


3) Another new opportunity this year is an NAAE Virtual Book Club Facebook group! The idea behind this is to provide a way to encourage your colleagues in their map making endeavors even after the study ends, as well as provide information related to the study in a social media platform that many people access regularly. This is another non-mandatory opportunity that I would encourage you to check out! You can request to join the group here.


4) We have our own "map" to help you navigate the book club! Please review the NAAE Virtual Book Club Calendar.pdf to plan ahead and see when new items will be released! 


Finally, I hope you will invite your fellow Ag Teacher friends to embark on this journey with you, find a comfortable reading nook and settle in for an exhilarating adventure! Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more to come...