Resources for Converting to Distance Learning/Remote Instruction/Online Teaching

Document created by Craig A. Kohn on Mar 17, 2020
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Hello folks! As a result of COVID-19, I know a lot of schools have suspended instruction for at least a couple of weeks. To help teachers who may need to transition to online instruction, I am uploading a few files I have received or created as part of our recent training from Michigan State University. I have very little expertise on this issue, and these resources are more intended for a post-secondary audience, but I thought that they provided enough general ideas, tips, and advice that they would be helpful for our NAAE audience as well. These resources include: 

- My notes from our faculty training. 

- General guidelines for conducting online meetings (which are also pretty applicable to online courses)

- A template from MSU for communicating with students about switching from in-person to online courses (replace the existing text with info specific to your school). 


Note that these documents reference the online program Zoom. Zoom is an online telecommunication program; you should be able to acquire a free Zoom account (Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom ). Feel free to use any other resource in lieu of this if you prefer (such as Skype, Google, etc.). 


Please also keep in mind that you are welcome to use any of my curricula. Options include: 

Craig Kohn's Resources  - this NAAE COP page has all of my existing curricula with assessments and answer keys. 

- - this is my old curriculum site when I was still teaching high school ag. It doesn't have the answer keys or assessments, but it does have the week-by-week layout of all of the curriculum that I taught. The same content is posted in the Craig Kohn's Resources page, but this helps to visualize how that content was taught and in what order. 

- - this is the experimental curriculum I am developing at MSU as part of my research fellowship with the National Science Foundation. Note that while FACTS Natural Resources has undergone classroom testing and revision, Horticulture is still in development. 


Lastly, if you would like assistance in planning lesson plans, please feel free to contact me - . As I said, I have limited experience in online instruction but lots of experience in curriculum development and lesson design. I am happy to provide input, help you to workshop some ideas, and offer whatever help I can in these difficult times. You all do amazing work and I want you to know how important and impactful you are - it would be an honor and privilege to offer any help I can as we make the best of challenging circumstances. 


Living to Serve,