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Document created by Todd N. Thomas on Sep 5, 2019
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NAAE Policy & Bylaws Committee Agenda – Summer 2019

Thursday, August 6:00- 7:00 pm Eastern Time


While we’re on hold, I have changed the editing rights so you all can comment in the discussion sections below


If you could also put your name under the roll call it will help Matt and we can get started as soon as it clicks on.


  • Call Meeting to Order
    • Roll Call
    • Brittany Kloer, Region 4
    • Shari Graffunder, Region 3
    • Tracy Brown, Region 1
    • Sarah Ward, Region 6
    • Erin Gorter, Region 1
    • Matthew Dettloff, Region 5
    • Todd Thomas Regional VP
  • Old Business
  • Evaluate open committee positions
  • New Business
    • Election of new members to fill current vacancies.
    • Review summaries from the regional committee meetings’ talking points.

Topic: How do we get more people involved in the committee process?

  • Announcements
    • Terms will end January 2020 - If your term is ending, you can reapply by submitting an application and completing an MOU before Dec. 31. If you are not interested in continuing on the committee, please contact your State President or Regional Vice President to let them know they will need to fill the vacant position.
    • 2019 NAAE Convention, December 3-7, Anaheim, CA
    • XLR8 Program, applications due September 2nd.  https://www.naae.org/profdevelopment/xlr8.cfm
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