By land or by sea - authentic audience

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To gamify this unit I have decided to have students earn a section of a larger map as they complete the stations and activities that I have created. This map outlines where foods come from as we discuss it in class. They "race" across the world to determine where their food comes from. 


Stations include: 

1. History and Geography of Herbs and Spices - students map one herb and one spice. determine where they come from and mapping it. 

2. How did that get in my lunch box - students explore the import and export chain in regards to a product in their lunchbox

3. Vanilla- from farm to fork 



Then students will work in groups in the "spice it up challenge." Now that students have learned where their food comes from they will research and create a seasoning mix for popcorn. I have decided to make this a challenge and have students compete against each other to determine which is the best. 


Opportunity for reflection: Students will evaluate their habits of work; if they collaborated with their peers appropriately, if they advocated for themselves or not, etc. They have been using this rubric for some time in our school. 


I also will add an exit ticket which will ask students to write about what they have learned and how what they learned relates to agriculture and our course scope and sequence. 



1) Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students?

I think adding a chef or even a skype session with someone from mccormick or another local spice company would be amazing. I will need to do some more research on if they do anything of that nature. 


2) What opportunities do your students have to participate in competition outside the classroom?

The only CDE or competition I can think of would be the Food Science CDE, unfortunately my students do not often participate in CDE's. 


3) How can you use reflection to enhance your students’ learning experiences?

I hope to add a mindfulness activity as a bell ringer, a written observation and reflection of students learning completed by the students and an exit ticket.