J.Shafer What is Plant Science and What is it's impact on me ? 
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Within all of my classes I believe in bringing in area “experts” to work with the students. I have found that this allows for more real world learning to take place much like the author talked about in chapter 7. Starting with the 7th grade Discovery class I introduced the “experts” to help cover and reinforce the foundational content being covered within the course curriculum. “Experts” are then invited to take part in the evolution process as well so that students get real world feedback that some tended to put more stock in then just teacher feedback or a project/exam grade. After the foundation put in place students are encouraged to reach out on their own to these community experts for other assignments in all other Ag courses. This becomes a key factor in the Leadership/Career class where students must take part in a job shadowing experience.
With job shadowing students must reach out to area business related to their career path to see if they would be willing to host them for this experience. However, it does not simply stop with a one day visit, host work with the student over the course of the school year as a mentor to help them in the development of their professional resume, cover letter, portfolios, and leave behind. These connections usually lead to students completing their senior internships with many of the same “experts” and “mentors” they have been working with and building repor with since the 7th grade. I have found this to be a very successful and one of the most beneficial practices with in my program that simply started with an idea during student teaching to bring some of my professors into the classroom to aid in reviewing for the unit exam and fun way to cover current issues in the industry. Through a lot of reflection and collaboration I have been able to work with those same professors to develop what I consider a truly athletic experience for my students 7-12th grades.