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What is a lesson plan that you have been wanting to take time to renovate/innovate? I have been utilizing the Herbs and Spice Lesson plan from National Ag in the classroom for a year and I have really wanted to make it my own. This is the perfect opportunity to add a little spice to it!



Please summarize the topic of lesson and how you currently teach it. This lesson has a variety of activities that focus on the differentiation between herbs and spices in regards to which part of the plant they are. Generally I teach it as it is written with each activity being an individual thing. 


2. What do you feel needs to be adjusted about this lesson? I want more opportunity for movement and collaboration. Right now the lesson is boring for me to teach because it is a lot of direct instruction and monitoring individuals. I prefer more learning by doing and want to change this lesson to that. 


3. What do you like about the lesson that you would like to maintain, or are you ready to scrap it all and start fresh? I like the activities this lesson includes; determining where a spice originated from and which countries contributed to a recipe. I want to maintain those but I would like to add some stations and rotations as well as a create your own recipe portion. 


4. How much gamification would you like to incorporate into the lesson? I would incorporate some gamification but the entire lesson would not be just yet, I want to get my feet wet and try it first. 


5. What preconceptions or reservations have you had about gamification? What in this chapter has challenged you to consider this approach to learning? I thought gamification had to be a literal game where students played; monopoly or jenga are two I have used. But I really like the idea of developing the story and having characters. This chapter challenged the idea that it does not have to be students playing an actual game with a game board but rather could be more like "chopped" for example. 


6. What types of games or strategies do you prefer? Remember, gamification is broad. It is about integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation and engagement, while helping with learning retention. So if board games, or game shows aren't your thing, what other strategies could be used? Board games are less my thing than they could be in the classroom. I want to utilize the strategies of chance cards, I like this as a motivational strategy.