Authentic Audience

Document created by Sarah Warren on Jul 17, 2019
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Real. Honest. Genuine. Legitimate. Meaningful.


Authenticity is a vital component of an effective classroom, for all parties involved. We encourage our students to find and express their true selves, we attempt to be as honest with them as we can, and we strive to create authentic experiences through our lessons that will ultimately prepare them for their careers. Tisha does a great job making the concept of authentic audiences and learning environments magical by empowering students to take ownership of their work. 


As we continue to add layers of magic to our lesson plans, let’s think about how we can make our new lessons more authentic. Go back to your lessons and consider the following questions:


1) Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students?

2) What opportunities do your students have to participate in competition outside the classroom?

3) How can you use reflection to enhance your students’ learning experiences?


Schedule in time for mindfulness and reflection during this lesson or unit, perhaps even using your favorite reflection technique you told us about in the discussion section. As FFA advisors, we may find it easier to schedule in FFA competitions, but I also challenge you to think of some other competition opportunities - within your community, outside of the FFA world, etc. We also typically have established connections within our community that we turn to for resources. Who could you bring into your classroom for this lesson as a guest speaker, judge, etc?


Re-upload your lessons (Uploading and Categorizing Files for Assignments.docx) to the Authentic Audience - Chapter 7 folder once you have made these revisions. Encourage your fellow book club members or provide more advice if you would like by commenting on their new lesson plan post!