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1. What is a lesson plan that you have been wanting to take time to renovate/innovate? Please summarize the topic of lesson and how you currently teach it.

Anything in my Ag Business class.  This is the last class in the pathway, so I have seniors that just take it to ensure they  get their 10 points OR seniors involved in FFA that need the class to show or do teams.  No amount of project or game or whatever engages them.  They just want a worksheet they can blow through and then spend the period amusing themselves. I’ve always loved business.  I love including current commercials or advertising campaigns and talking about that stuff.  It’s lost on them.  I’m sure if I could say, “how about that marketing Student A did to get everyone to see their social media post calling out Student B? It was SO much more “lit” than when Student C put Student D “on blast”. Right? Bet, bruh.” That would be up their alley.      And I’m not making this up....this is what’s most important to them and how they talk.  


2. What do you feel needs to be adjusted about this lesson? 

Something to get them interested and engaged, not just complete and go


3. What do you like about the lesson that you would like to maintain, or are you ready to scrap it all and start fresh?

im ready to try anything (except redecorating a classroom or dressing up like some character like we studied last summer)


4. How much gamification would you like to incorporate into the lesson? 

Enough that they are involved and interested in their learning beyond being able to make a 100 on whatever assignment is given to them 


5. What preconceptions or reservations have you had about gamification? What in this chapter has challenged you to consider this approach to learning?

Budget is an issue, so I don’t want to go crazy buying any kind of materials or prizes.  I’m also apprehensive about having food award days.  Tried setting aside a day each month last year where a class could celebrate any student birthdays in our class period that month.  Students were allowed to bring snacks and drinks while they worked.  It was a big flop after the first one because I wasn’t providing food and drinks.  (I wasn’t consuming their stuff either, but their thought was the teacher should provide it all for us). Again, not making this up.  


6. What types of games or strategies do you prefer? Remember, gamification is broad. It is about integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation and engagement, while helping with learning retention. So if board games, or game shows aren't your thing, what other strategies could be used?

im cool with board games or game shows.  I have had other subject create Jeopardy, Monopoly, Memory type games in groups and then rotate groups and play each other’s games,  Ag Business is just not having that (probably because they are seniors).