Region II Meeting at NAAE in San Antonio

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Region II Meeting

San Antonio, TX

November 28, 2018


Meeting Called to Order at 9:50 am by Region II Vice president Hals Beard.


Welcome by Hals to everyone to Texas


Invocation: from Oklahoma

Pledge : from Kansas


Motion to accept the agenda: Moved by Sam Reese from CO second from delegate from LA



Mike Womichel from CO spoke on the re design of the Ag-Ed Council


Moved by Troy Mayfield from CO to accept minutes seconded by Sam Reese from CO


Delegate count discussed and voting members signed up


FFA update from Nina Crutchfield


Introductions of state delegations

Arkansas – 3

Colorado – 8

Kansas – 5

Louisiana – 9

New Mexico – 2

Oklahoma – 17

Texas – 9


Committee requirements and discussion of vacancies

Finance- Communicate with REGION II committee members


Recognition of Region II state award winners


Workshop facilitator requirements and obligations


Opens nominations for Region II VP and Secretary

-Todd Thomas, CO (Vice President)

-Cameron Dale, OK (Secretary)

Nominations remain open until Friday


Writing thank you notes to sponsors

     Region II teachers stepped up and did a great job making this happen


Remarks from Parker Bane, Region IV VP, candidate for President-Elect


Recess 11:18 am until Friday.


Region II Meeting Saturday Nov 30th


Reconvene at 8:00 am by Hals Beard


Invocation by Arkansas:


Pledge by Louisiana:


Don’t forget to sign in and to turn in the letter of appreciation information


Thank you for allowing Hals to come to your states.  Reminder of the relief fund and to help each other out.  Reminder to have an application in for James Cannon.


Reminder that you can turn in your facilitator papers in


CASE information and over view from Carl

More CASE institutes this summer.  3 in New Mexico  Animal Science in Texas.  For more information go to the CASE website.  Restrictions time and Money,  grants are available Feb 1st and close Feb 28th. Partial scholarships costs vary depending on what institute you attend. Of the 35 offerings several were not taken advantage of.

Ag business and foundations course which is a semester we can have a taste of CASE which can be at your state meeting.  Contact Carl or Melody Bloom for questions.  Approximate cost is $200 - $300.

The curriculum is fluid and stays with  the teacher when they move to other schools.


FAST Track: 5 days instead of 2 weeks; you need a past CASE certification to participate in the FAST TRACK


Hals spoke to the new folks regarding is President elect: He told people all about him and his is experience(s).


State Association Reports:


-        Arkansas: No report but… up in enrollment for State Association.  Going to hire a new person at the State Level and looking for one at the Southern region

-        Colorado: Troy Mayfield  120 ag programs. More alternative license teachers. CSU has 75 undergraduate students  State Convention in Pueblo.  110 active members for CVATA.  Local teacher support program.  Hired a retired teacher to visit programs of first second and third year teachers.  Local districts are excited to have this person come back and help teachers stay in teaching.  Districts pay $500 per extra visit past the two per year.

-        Kansas: 201 Ag-Ed programs 13000 students 10000 FFA members. Winter symposium in January in Dodge City.

-        New Mexico: 74 programs and 99 teachers. Mid-winter conference new this year in January small gas engines were the concentration.  11 student teachers this fall.  Real push for professional Development.  Hard to find qualified teachers.  Mentors from New Mexico State University.  Struggle to get 100% membership. Region II is in Ruidos

-        Oklahoma: 362 chapters, 3 new programs, 474 teacher members, 16 Ag-Ed teacher scholarships, National officer elected, revamped committees with one member required to be a teacher of 5 years or less

-        Texas: Summer conference: refer to handout 38 mentees this year. Provide plenty of membership benefits to our members. Two national proficiency award winners.

-        Louisiana Report: Good Past year.26000 students 10000 members in FFA.  Moved summer camp to more modern facilities.

o   Region II June 17th through the 20th. Starting on Monday in Saint Francisville, LA very historic

o   North of Batten Rouge about an hour

o   Saint Fransic Hotel

o   18th and 19th tours Port of Batten Rouge LSU and the prison.

o   Hotel rooms are under $100

o   Optional activities – for our families: swamp tours, alligator farms, if you want to come early or stay late let people know so it can be set up.



Committee Reports –


Finance: met and discussed topics- relief fund – funding and allocation.  They will let the go to the board.  They would like to up the amounts from $500 to $1000.  There was 34 payouts this year.  They would like to get it to $50,000 and then maintain it.  Silent Auction on line for getting more funds.


Member Services: Study on what is keeping teachers in the classroom.  Results on the second phase of the survey.  reviewed strategic plan on what we want to focus on next.  Develop an app for use of Communities of Practice on your person devices.  Talking 3 circle


Policy and Bylaws – vacancies on committees need to be filled encourage more stated to get involved.  Brief discussion on Communication for committees


Professional Growth – mentor handbook digital copy on COP.  Proposing funding to redo teacher handbook


Public Policy – state profiles, two states didn’t have profiles                          


Strategic Planning- Meetings through google documents  discussed each committee. Goals and activities. National Policy Seminar, National Charter affects.


Reminder for committee duties.  Application is on line.  Must fill out an MOU and submit.


Close Nominations for Region II Vice President

                                       Accept by acclamation Moved by Troy

                                       New Mexico

Accept Cameron

                                       Moved by Oklahoma

                                       Second by Wayne from LA.


Region II supports Prayers