Erik Fargo Chapter 7 Engagement - The Four E's applied to lesson plan

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Expectations - Consistency, always remind students what level is expected with assignment quality.

Environment - Props Road side Produce stand using pallets in pole barn, creating a sign/ banner for the stand, adding boxes with labels and pricing. Have open space on banner for students to list Judging categories and point values

Energy - Opening activity with movement and time based for urgency

Empowerment - Strong relationships and spend time with students during period 3 and/or posting positive and encouraging comments in their assignments.


  1. 9-13 Do Now- Students select three fruits and vegetables by highlighting (keyed with their initials and highlighter) to bring in for studying from posted list. Teacher takes picture and shares with students and parents for gathering materials.
  2. 9-13 Judging
    1. lecture, students practice memorizing categories and point values on floor with chalk in groups, check each other’s work, then split into individuals and re-attempt categories and point values.  First place finisher with correct answer gets to take an apple.
      1. Form 10
      2. Size   15
      3. Color  20
      4. Uniformity     25
      5. Freedom from Blemishes  30
    2. Ask students to draw apple shape/form and have discussion comparing shapes.  Are all apples the same? Introduce what varieties are and how varieties have different shape/form.
    3. Continue with size and color
    4. Have a discussion about uniformity and freedom from blemishes and what this means in judging.
    5. Give students scan tron, orient to judging area on scan tron, introduce to judging plates, and explain how much time is given for each set of three plates.
    6. Judge three plates with 30 seconds each, ID and judging three categories
  3. 9-13 Students provide peers with positive critical feedback on judging.
    1. Score cards and peer reviewed comments are turned into teacher.
    2. Teacher provides  positive and encouraging feedback for students.