Agriscience - Animal Science Unit

Document created by Anne Brinkley on Jul 11, 2018
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This is the Unit on Animal Science that I teach in our introductory class, Agriscience. I was a horticulture major so was not too knowledgeable about animal science when I starting teaching. I tried to make this lesson very hands-on with lecture starting off the class. I found a lot of materials on CoP that I used in this lesson and also tried to just make note taking a little more interesting. I keep evolving this lesson to include material that I think the students should know that is not in the curriculum, such as what each sex of animals are called, nanny= female goat that has had kids. 


Expectations- I need to work on this in my classroom. My expectations are going to be that the students are able to transition quickly between the classroom and the shop, and that they are able to complete their "Do Nows" in under 5 minutes.  

Environment- I would really love to create a Barnyard type of atmosphere in the classroom. I would be great to have animal food around so that students can see the different food and read the ingredients to relate to the nutrients animals need. I would have cut-outs of the animals and digestive tracts to show the ruminants and non-ruminants, have the different breeds of the animals, and the something to do with aquaculture.

Energy- Greet students at the door. ....?

Empowerment- I would like for my student to do more inquiry based research, maybe I can look into something about aquaculture and find an activity.